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Music Vibes for Your Soul

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Trevor Helt  Fri 6/28 8-10pm

Trevor is an Austin based guitarist whose style spans from the country fingerpicking of Chet Atkins to the flamenco stylings of Paco DeLucia. In one set, Trevor will cover numerous genres, spanning a timeline of over three centuries. What ties it all together is a funky and percussive groove that can be danced to. Trevor is also a studio musician, mixing engineer, and producer.


Phil Luna.jpg

Phil Luna  Fri 7/19 8-10pm

With a blend of influences from indie rock, pop rock and soul, his original music pairs ear-catching melodies with driving rhythms to create a refreshingly new yet comfortably familiar sound. In addition to his original music, Phil's repertoire comprises many beloved songs from genres ranging from Motown and Classic Rock to 80's New Wave, 90's Alt, and contemporary hits.



Benji Lamar  Sat 6/29 8-10pm

Benji (performing with Meg) is a local Indie/ Alternative local artist blending folk, blues, and rock 'n' roll from across the decades. Originals and covers that you can request through a neat QR code! Benji has been performing professionally as a solo artist and with his band City of Decades since 2014. He's been influenced from great oldies, along with the alternative music of today.


Roman Samuels studio.PNG

Roman Samuels  Sat 7/20 8-10pm

Shaped by his upbringing in Denver, Colorado, Roman's musical journey began amidst the diverse influences of folk, rock, and other genres. This eclectic background ignited his creative spirit, inspiring him to blend and reimagine musical styles, resulting in a sound that is truly his own.


Brian Andrew Lee LP_edited.jpg

Brian Andrew Lee Sat 7/23 8 to late

A sought after performer and recording artist, Brian Andrew Lee truly sets the bar high with his amazing voice, soulful delivery and mad guitar skills!  

Brian Andrew Lee (


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